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The Mummy

Err, yeah... I guess my week is so much of a roller coaster ride that I have no idea what was I thinking when I reimbursed my movie voucher to watch this one. I like the old Mummy movies (yeah those old ones with Brendan Fraser) so I probably thought why not. Off course, I couldn't be bothered to read all those reviews because... it's not k-drama and after so long not watching Hollywood movies, I can't find any difference anyway. And, throughout the whole 2 hours plus, I have this thought 'OMG, what was I thinking, this is torture! I just wasted 2 hours of my life watching this while the time can be better spent watching any k-drama or even the marriage propaganda j-dorama or even reading soxsoo fanfic'

There're so many things went wrong in that movie. The plot, okay, standard Mummy movie plot, you have the legend, you have the curse, but what? How on earth Dr Jekyll from Jekyll & Hyde comes to the picture and what more, the organization that hunt & destroy monsters? Oh Hollywood, you're seriously pushing your luck, why not just stay with the classic Mummy movie plot, leave Dr Jekyll alone, please. What's next? Mummies vs Vampires? They already put the vampire skull there in Dr Jekyll office's display shelf, anyway. Throughout the movie you'll find that it keeps throwing at you the suspense (those when they tried to scare you with mummy grabbing your ass or kill you, that kinds of suspense) and it's overkill.

The characters? It pissed me off from the get go to be honest, Nick was a soldier with a smartass/jackass personality, Jenny was a bitchy archaeologist who was supposed to be smart but no, she has no self preservation and there's not much logic in her actions that left me to 'what the hell am I watching?' Jenny irritates me so much that I wish she remained dead (yes, she died, but Nick just had to bring her back, why??? ugh) and Amaneth got what she wanted and just lived, her story is much more appealing, despite all the evil factors, than Jenny LOL. Then we supposed to have character development, wait, what character development? Oh, when Jenny said to Nick that he saved her live therefore he's a good guy, and then suddenly Nick changed his hat and become less of an asshole and a hero instead? Even the badly written K-drama with flat characters doesn't pull this kind of stunt!!! The only saving grace of a character here is Dr Jekyll and it's probably because Russell Crowe played the character and saved the character with his acting prowess, not because how it's written, blergh...

What else? The CGI? Nothing new with the CGI, standard sand storm, car tumbling and crash, plane crash, mummies hoarding like zombies at Resident Evil, more crashes and explosions (off course minimal if we compare it to Transformers franchise), and it makes me wish they just use the money for Attack on Titan live action instead, and probably it'll make that 2 piece of movies more watchable (I still haven't watched them... don't have the heart).

So the main point? This movie is just one of the desperate attempts of Hollywood trying to make extra cash just enough to meet their quarterly earnings, and while doing so, they still have a cheek to hope for franchise extension after they butcher the original franchise with this movie. Why the franchise? Oh it's because Jenny is alive, Nick is now a GOD, and Dr Jekyll wants to kill Nick as he's now a monster (isn't he himself said he's a monster? hmm, so he's supposedly to be terminated to?)... *roll eyes* ... I'd rather re-read soxsoo fanfics, so much better plot and characterizations than this movie.
The only thing that makes me less mad for the opportunity cost of my time is I used my 'it's expiring this month' movie voucher and I should have just use it to watch Kuroshitsuji OVA or even, like my friend suggested Baywatch movie (just to see Zac Efron's abs --> quoted) instead. Regret is futile. And I hope tomorrow's Wonder Woman is much better (my brother said it's good, and so does Tumblr), and yeah, I still have 1 more of the 'it's expiring this month' movie voucher.

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Jun. 16th, 2017 03:05 pm (UTC)
... if there was one thing that will put me off the Mummy film it was Tom Cruise. I think he's too cocky. In all his films he's too over the top cocky ... I never watched the Mission Impossible films until Jeremy Renner starred in them.

I loved the Brendan Fraser Mummy films. I really feel bad for you. Even if it was paid with a voucher. Definitely fanfic reading would have been better.

I've heard only good things about Wonder Woman. So yeah do enjoy it ... I've been a little busy so won't have time and believe or not the children (Still) wanna watch the Despicable Me film over Wonder Woman. I hope they are not disappointed when they go ... I haven't felt like a movie in forever, although saying that ... I did actually go see the Pirates of the Caribbean film. (and I don't care that people are not impressed with it ... in this case I am totally shallow and hey Johnny Depp!) Also Geoffrey Rush. He's pretty cool!


On the other hand the Arashi sleepover was great! We got to hang out, eat a bunch of unhealthy stuff, we watched not just the Are You Happy concert but the special documentary that came with it, and also the Japonism in Arena (there were two editions of the Are You Happy Concert, one came with the documentary and the other came with the Arena Japonism, and between Jane and her friend, they had both versions.) So that was 6 hours of Arashi, plus we watch a bunch of other stuff she had on her drive. It was awesome.

Jun. 16th, 2017 06:54 pm (UTC)

ah, tom cruise, i forgot the de javu feeling i had the first 2seconds of his character appeared in this movie, same asshole personality characters since... Top Gun lol. well, at least he looked damn good in Top Gun. He should stop making this kinds of mindless action movies, it's just to crowd the dvd section only.

i didn't choose to watch Pirates because i dont understand the pirates franchise stories anymore, i lost interest after the 3rd one, n i preffer kimutaku parody of jack sparrow (this one stuck longer in my head than the actual movie itself, damn i miss smapxsmap).

i'm hoping to catch arashi con dvd next mth during my 'just freshly approved' vacation. My bro mentioned his gf bought it (yeah, the gf is an Arashi n v6 fan too, hence, i approve lol), so we may just watch the dvd together lol.

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