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Hey!Say!Jump - Dear

As much as I don't like the way Johnny's managing their idols (the frequency is getting more often now especially after SMAP saga, it's more of a love-hate relationship now), I can't deny that they still deliver the best concerts, even when I have no idea most of the songs. I don't follow HSJ closely and only know some of their songs, but I'd use their concerts the base for Johnny's concert for the younger groups, with probably Kisumai as exception. The budget is definitely higher than V6's, judging from the stage, props and the costumes. HSJ is still the orthodox Johnny's idols in my book, some of their songs maybe closer to K-pop (those cooler ones) and no, they're not K-pop (I just use it for simple comparison), but majority of their songs are still the bubble gum cheery summery sugary with tons of pop tunes that you'll definitely enjoy for concerts. You may not feel it when you listen to it individually, but it's different in concerts, and that's part of Johnny's magic.

Glitters, feathers, furs, power ranger's primary colors, leopard prints, sparkles

These huge chandeliers are aligned to the first song's lyrics, and it makes perfect sense considering the stage is propped to look like a masquerade (2nd song) ballroom. But what I didn't expect (what the hell am I talking about, this is Johnny's concert, it should be expected!) that they're using it as the floating stage (I didn't think those chandeliers are that big but they are, ha!). My question will be how the hell they're able to get into those chandeliers without being seen? Those chandeliers are floating, how??? Johnny's magic!

The stage is kind of standard Johnny's concert stage but the chandeliers really make a huge difference as total package.

I totally forgot that HSJ babies are not longer babies or barely legal anymore, completely forgot... so I was literally taken aback on how hot Yamada look here... I still feel a bit guilty of fangirling without feeling like a pedobear... but how can I blame myself? Look at the face??? Completely forgot that Yamada was in Cain & Abel... he's not a kid anymore...

Same goes to baby Yuto, damn... yeah, I still call him baby Yuto even though he already had a bed scene in Pink and Gray, gah how fast time flies...

And when we have this winking & throwing kisses Yamada... hail fan service!

Speaking of fan service, we have the mild up to the 'that escalate pretty quickly'...

Bonus cap: this is why I still call him baby Yuto....

Practically my fave performance from this concert. Feathers, glitters, and sparkling CROWN! This is like the smashed version of Koyashige and Koi no ABO performances. Lovely!

This reminds me of Arashi's old 2003 con performance. The glitters, primary power ranger colos, the mike stand, everything is just.. Johnny's.

And you'll be a bloody cold blood if you don't smile when you see these cuties... they worked very hard shaking those tambourines.

and with the same primary color costumes, they went from cute to cool, only Johnny's can pull such a contrast, and off course lightning and effects must be tossed together as well :).

And concerts must always have good lightings. I've never disappointed whenever I watch Johnny's concerts, both in DVD or live, especially on the lightings. Some maybe better eg V6's 20th anniversary con, which is still the best lightings in my book, but the standard is there, and it's damn high.

I did mention before that HSJ is part of Orthodox Johnny's and this performance shows it. It's very Broadway and yeah, they may not be the best singers out there BUT their complete performance package can jolly well beat some professional stage plays. The dance movement, the attitude, the facial attitude, all these are very Broadway style. And it doesn't hurt that the tall ones are the ones doing this hihi...

Ah, Johnny's is not Johnny's without the tacky costumes. I find this very LOL even for Johnny's standard. Normally the tackiness is coming from the colors used, but this one... it's like literally a dress. Princess Aurora's kind of dress, complete with the feathers! I'm thorn whether the stylist is a genius or just a troll, and this 'dress' literally makes Inoo so pretty!

Another reminder of how cute baby Yuto is overall, and how good Johnny's concert t-shirts are. I want one!

Bonus: this is just Inoo being PRETTY!! Damn... I know he's pretty, but here, he's so engrossed with his persona and literally waved like a queen.

Johnny's literally spoils my standard for a concert and it gives another meaning to concerts as not just live performance, but a complete package of entertainment. In the world of Johnny's, singing live is not a priority, nice to have, but do we really care? Not really. What we do care is we smile and feel happy and giddy and left with a pang of heart after the concert is over. That's Johnny's magic.

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