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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Managed to clear some drama over the long weekend (well, only 2) and this is one of the 2. The story is about Do Bong Soon, the girl with super power, the family legacy only for the female members. Based on the premise alone you can tell that this is a comedy, bound to be funny and hilarious. I'm watching this because of Park Bo Young (she's hella cute in Oh My Ghostess) and Park Hyung Shik (because no way I'm gonna watch Hwarang where he won't ever get the girl, don't have the heart to see the heartbroken pretty face), and that's basically the OTP.

Well, if we're looking overall, it's a cute and fun drama to watch. The premise is already ridiculous from the get go, so the rest is matching in terms of absurdity, as in some of the things doesn't make sense, so I don't put in lots of thoughts every time I watch the episodes. Every episode will have cute and sweet moments, especially after episode 9, some of the episodes even have too much sugar that I have to take a break in between when watching them.

What I like about this drama is that the girl, Bong Soon, is a bad ass, though she almost fall into the damsel need hot guys rescuing pattern towards the end... almost, phew. The main dude? Min Hyuk is cool enough, cute and clingy enough, smart enough but the most redeeming trait is that he value the main girl, listen to her, and just being nice to her despite him being annoying in the process (we as audience will find it cute though, take note of double standard). The second dude? There's no second lead syndrome here, none, because Guk Doo, the second dude is just plain annoying. Compare to the main dude, the second dude come across as a jackass towards the main girl. He kept on saying that she's fragile and weak (something that the Min Hyuk never said, Min Hyuk will say that he need to protect her but never weak) and only realize that he likes Bong Soon a tad too late (over 10 years late, mind you) and by that time Bong Soon has moved on (I like the phrase here that love has an expiration date and then moving on to the new love). With this set up, we have the 2 dudes face in face being rude towards each other, but when drunk being clingy towards each other and ended up Bong Soon has to carry both of them like sack of potatoes, more than once (this is one of the parallel scenes reflecting the difference in Bong Soon attitude and Min Hyuk noticed the differences!). One of the memorable scenes is when Bong Soon has to princess carry Min Hyuk with the cue of Whitney Houston's famous Bodyguard OST ('and I..... will always love you...').

And now, the absurdity. Top of the list is product placement! Yes, k-drama has lots of product placements, we all know that, but this drama is really over the top with it. Some that I remember is Royce, the shower gel (only logo shown, haven't seen this in Singapore yet), the bag, the necklace, even the Snow apps. It's so over the top that it makes the Subway product placement in Goblin so pale in comparison. The problem is that in this drama, they push the product way to the front that we have the scene of Min Hyuk buying choco for Bong Soon, or Min Hyuk choosing the bag present for Bong Soon, or Min Hyuk buying necklace for Bong Soon or the way Bong Soon carry the bag. It's the way that the products being incorporated into the scene, not just having the product being there, there's a difference.

Next absurdity is the police stupidity. I skip almost all the police scene because they're just so stupid (it's much worse than police stupidity in Bitter Blood) that the bad guy kept on escaping and even fooling the police in their own home field (the dude bugged the police office for goodness sake, and it takes episodes for the police to realize it!). The most epic one is when Guk Doo let the bad dude escape, damn! Can the writer put up something smarter to drag the story on? I bet fanfic writers can come up with more than some ways. On top of the police, we have the gangsters, which scenes are more like filler than anything else. Don't get me wrong, they're funny, but after episode 9, they become fillers, especially the ones with the fake Indian monks, I totally don't get the relation with the overall story.

Then, we have the cute absurdity. They have the beach scene with hearts sprinkle from the sea instead of the sunlight reflection. This is actually still OK, but then they have the bomb being thrown to the sky and exploded as fireworks (WTH!!!), it really threw the whole emotion laded scene (which was a good one) before that out of the window. I was literally shaking my head when I watch this.

Oh, I almost forgot, one thing about Bong Soon that I don't like is her working attitude. She's not respecting any her bosses (well, the CEO, Min Hyuk and the department manager), don't really care about delivering what she's paid for initially, which is as CEO's bodyguard, and only care about her own game project, but got away with all these because the CEO is head over heels with her and she has the super power strength to bully the department manager who hated her because the CEO adores her. To think that even Min Hyuk commented her attitude more than ones, but she didn't change, is even more annoying. And lastly, you need to ignore any office etiquette from RL, else you'll be annoyed to see the CEO displaying affection towards ONE employee publicly. Cute, but yeah...

I'm not going to discuss over the social issues like queer baiting, domestic violence, and I think there're more because these are all over tumblr and I find these to be exhausting. It's k-drama, no way in hell, it'll be politically correct and meeting the Western cultural standard.

For what it's worth, it's a fun drama to watch with all the pretty and funny stuffs, another drama that you may want to pick up if you feel like watching something light and not emotionally exhausting.

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