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Bride of the Water God

The upcoming Nam Joo Hyuk's drama (yeah, now I know the kid's name and even know how to spell it LOL). Read the manhwa halfway and the overall story is good, though the manhwa itself is confusing to read, at least for me. I mean, we have a tortured damaged male lead, a pretty and strong female character, lots of dubious, or just plain evil side characters, so what more can you ask for a drama? Which probably this is why it's made to a live action. Only... why they change the setting to modern era, I mean, look at this teaser! Just.. Look!! Nam Joo Hyuk is so freaking pretty, WITH LONG HAIR! That's why he's so noticeable in Scarlet Heart Ryeo, well, aside from his character being the adorbs cinnamon rolls, but before that it's his prettiness that caught my eyes (I'm just a sucker for pretty stuff).

Will this drama be a good one? I DON'T KNOW, especially knowing that it's so hard to judge live action without seeing it butchering the original works, especially if you already have the major setting change from the get go. But oh hey, just enjoy the prettiness that is Nam Joo Hyuk. And I really want to know how they're going to have the interchanging between adult Ha Baek and kid form Ha Baek... don't tell me they change that as well?

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