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My Skincare FAQ

Besides drama questions, in RL, I've been asked tons of questions about skincare. What skincare brand is good? How to get smooth skin? Why does my skin dry? Organic, natural skincare must be better for my skin, right? and the questions continues. I'm not an expert or a cosmetologist, but one thing I find about finding out the skincare for you is like finding the 'right' drama to watch. There are TONS of preliminary questions that you have to ask yourself before even picking a product, which is why I often just stare at the skincare aisle and spend lots of time there, with most of the time coming out without even buying anything. The only difference is that there're 2 more categories to take into consideration with skincare, compare to drama.

Side note: I'm doing this long rambling post because I'm waiting for some drama to watch and instead being actually working productively, my brain refuse to work and this topic has been bugging me for quite some time.

When we go to any chemists or department stores, aisles and or floors of skincare will greet us. Some are categorized by brand, which I very much preferred, or by types of skincare products. The varieties are endless and it'll definitely overwhelm people, especially if you're not familiar with any types of skincare and brands. Marketing, advertisements and words of mouth (that's why we have tons of beauty bloggers now) will even confuse you further plus talking to the shop assistants won't help you much either because they'll ask you what specific skin problem you have and work from there and believe me, nowadays every brands will have SEPARATE products for any different skin related issues, and meanwhile you only want a product that can just make your skin look better (queue: the super vague requirement). That's a big difference there, and you can't fault them because they're trying to hardest to get you to spend money on their products. So, which products or brands actually deliver their promises? Let's get this straight once and for all, there's no way you can see results of any skincare products that you use in a very short time, at the minimum you'll see some changes on your skin or complexion after 6 months, never within 1 month and if you feel this is the case, that's the psychological aspect talking because you've spent x amount of money for the product or you truly believe in whatever they're advertising. Plus, to complicate even further, 95% chance is that you're using different brands for different purposes (this is also the result of marketing, in my opinion, because I'm a sucker for ads). When you do this, how do you know which one is working? No way to tell. So, that brings back to tons of question bubbles...

The most important question: What's your budget?
In dramaland, the first question will be what do you like, but in skincareland, $$$ is always on the top list because we're buying a product. How much you're willing to spend and you'll work from there. Along with the brand or what kind of skincare regime that you'd like to have, you always have to plan how long are you going to be in that regime and will it change, and when it does change (it WILL change because your skin in your 20s will be different from when you're in your 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s), how much you're willing to upgrade or downgrade. So, let's do the math in example, and I'll be using Singapore pricing standard. 1 skincare set of moisturizer, toner/softener and face wash on average will cost you about 80$ at Innisfree level (this is not those anti aging ones because it'll definitely double or triple the amount) and normally they'll last 3 to 5 months, so in a year you'll probably spend roughly 200-240$. Then compare to if you use Clarins (again, not the anti aging range, just the basic ones), you'll have a starting budget of roughly 300$ per 1 set and about 1K$ a year, and I still think I underestimate the pricing when it comes to the Western brands. This doesn't include the eye cream, lip balm, emulsion, essence, serum and the face masks. Over the course of years, this $$$ will add up hence you need to be able to balance out which level you're comfortable with and this has nothing to do whether the products works on you or not, which brings to the next question.

Is expensive brands better than the cheaper ones?
This is a tough question. There's no right answer because it could be Yes or No. My opinion, it's a NO because pricing comes from branding and market positioning. Long established brands like Shiseido, Dior, Chanel, Clarins, Kose, will always have higher pricing level because they've been around for so long and they have the brand power (what will you think if you see Dior prices their serum at 30$? You'll probably think they're scheming you LOL). Are their products better? The answer is more depends on whether your skin can take it or not. I'll be honest that my skin likes expensive products, and I'd partly blame this due to the fact that I started my real skincare regime from Clinique level. I can tell that my skin will rebel if I put it on cheaper skincare eg. Hadalabo or Innisfree on a sizable period of time because it'll show me all kinds of breakout symptoms, and it'll quickly subside when I put on my Dior serum 2-3 times in between. However, I can tell you the difference between cheaper and more expensive skincare, especially in face wash. Cheaper face wash eg. Biore will leave your skin dry minutes after you wash and dry your face. Another difference will be the smell, cheaper skincare tends to smell stronger, except those smell free ones. Lastly, you tend to use more in quantity per usage with cheaper skincare compared to the more expensive ones to get the same amount of coverage or moist effect. So again, it comes back to the budgeting, how much you're willing to spend and can spend, and there's no right or wrong. If your skin is not sensitive and can take cheaper skincare product range without any side effect, then why spend the money getting the more expensive ones other than for indulgence?

Is organic and natural skincare better?
The answer is not necessarily. It 100% depends on your skin sensitivity. It can be made from all organic ingredients, but if it makes you having breakouts or any horrible skin problems then it's not for you. I had a very bad breakout case from using organic skincare before, so definitely not a good experience. I'd think the texture (rich cream consistency or gel consistency) and how fast it can be absorb by your skin are more important than whether it's organic or natural, and the most important part, how does the product makes you feel? If it makes you feel happy and after all things considered it doesn't cause you any side effect, then it's for you. I saw tons of natural DIY skincare like those oatmeal honey scrubs etc, and I think it's a good way of raising awareness that natural DIY skincare can be done. However, there're few factors that you need to consider. Can you sustain of the DIY lifestyle for a long time? Do you have the time to mix all those every time before use, especially those ones using egg whites? How often you want to use them? And, just because you eat them and it's on your pantry, it doesn't mean your face can take it.

But all those chemical stuffs are scary!
I have mixed views on this. Natural is good for you, however, I never think 100% is good for you. Lots of people may say otherwise, but I always believe in balancing. Too much in everything is always bad. However, I don't think that we have to close ourselves from anything deemed as not natural. Just like natural vs western medicine, Western medicine has faster effect because of the chemical used compared to the slow progress of natural medicine. Even when you make your own skincare, sometimes you cannot not having preservatives because it just doesn't last long, and again it brings back to the fact that are you willing to spend time making all the products for every use. Practicality.

What about the effects? I want guaranteed result!
Then you have to willing to do R&D on yourself because other people's skin are not your skin! Frankly, so many people are expecting miracles performed the moment they apply serum or anything on their face, which is what marketing people happily play around with. Make up and photoshop do that job, but not skincare. Skincare is maintenance, you need to be patient for the result to come. Most of the time, you need to finish 2 bottles at least to see the impact and you can't even be sure whether it's because of that 1 product you use or the others. Even those expensive brands like SKII take time to show the result, and some people are not even compatible with them.

But R&D will cost a bomb
That's why always ask for TONS of samples. At the minimum the shop assistant has to give you 2 sachets or bottles of each products that you want to try. If they're not giving you any, then it's not worth your time at all. As customers, we have the power to choose and buy and at that kind of price range (we're not talking about chemist's skincare range), we have the right to try before we make decision. Some shop assistants will tell you that you won't have reaction as this is a natural product or it's high quality therefore they don't give samples... BULLSHIT. Allergic reaction on face is rarely instant reaction, most of the time it'll appear after 1-3 times usage and sometimes after 2 weeks of usage. So, the moment they use such selling technique, it's time to say goodbye and chances are you'll get the same samples at the different branch because the shop assistant there is not a bitch. It's also important to establish relationship with the shop assistants if you like the product/brand and frequent the same shop because you can always ask them to slip in even more samples of products that you use as they're good for travels (yes you spend some money there and that's why they're so nice with you, it's a mutual relationship) and they'll remember you when they have special promotions. Korean brands are also very generous in free gifts, samples and loyalty programs because they need to market their product lines, so you can take advantage of this as well.

I don't use anything now, and my skin is dry now, what should I do?
So start doing something about it! There's no late start in skincare. You can always starts with basic stuff no matter how old you are. My suggestion will always start with whatever the chemist sell. Brands like Neutrogena, O'lay, L'Oreal, Biore, or Hadalabo are good starting points. The pricing range won't hurt your budget (unless you keep on buying those anti aging stuffs) so it allows you to mix and match. Once you get comfortable with the routines and feel like indulging yourself, then you can go for the more expensive stuffs, but do the research first and always take whatever on the net not on the face value because lots of bloggers now are being sponsored so the objectivity of the reviews are in question.

Is Asian skin compatible using Western brand skincare?
Good question and another tough one to answer because it's again depends on your skin. The basic rule of thumb is that in general Asian skincare is made for Asian skin, and is less rich compared to the Western counterparts. However, it doesn't mean that you cannot use Western brands if you're Asian (duh?). Applicable to all brands, if using rich texture (those sticky and icky cream) gives you extra blackheads or whiteheads or even oil beads under your eyes, then it's not for you. You should opt for the water based or gel consistency. Personally I abhor those rich creams because it makes my skin become more oily and after washing, drier as ever, and I have soft spot for anything in gel form because it's cooling, fast absorb and not icky.

So many Korean face sheet masks out there, what's that all about?
It's CONVENIENCE. Let's face it, it's priced at affordable level (as cheap as 2$ and maybe even cheaper in Korea itself or Duty Free), and after you wash your face, you just need to slap it on your face, leave it for 10-20 minutes, throw the sheet, and tap on the rest of the liquid to your face and you'll have a glowing shiny face (because the liquid reflects your bathroom lights so your face looks glowing on your mirror, I'm not making anything better, yeah? LOL). Instruction is always say to use once a week or every 2 weeks. But if you can afford it and you're really damn lazy, you can use it as often as every 2 days, no harm done, unless it's those sticky rich one, then you may want to be careful. I usually take these sheet mask for travel (especially those short business trip travel), it makes me feel happy and less stress at the hotel, they take less space on the luggage because you just slip them on anywhere and I don't need to bring bottles of moisturizer, toner, serum, just sun screen and face wash will do.

What's the difference between Japanese and Korean sheet masks?
Besides who they use to endorse those masks? Ehem, I mean we're looking the appeal at HSJ vs So Joong Ki or Hyung Bin endorsing the face masks LOL. I'd think Japanese start to adopt Korean way of packaging for sheet mask which is individual packaging. However, in general Japanese sheet mask comes in box or big sachet eg. it has 10 sheets in that 1 packet or even 100 sheets in that 1 packet. The advantage? Depending on the type, most of the time, it'll look cheaper per piece, and you just need to buy one, instead of pocketing 10 piece or 20 piece of sachets. The things that I'm not really fond of? Due to the packaging, each sheet will be 'drier' compared to when you have the sheet in individual packaging.

I saw those paper sheet masks sold in Daiso or 100Yen shops, what's those for?
It's for your DIY sheet masks. Logically, you can use your essence as your face mask. Basically you drench the paper sheet mask with your own essence then slap it on your face and be done with it.

Should I spend money on facials?
First thing first, facial is expensive, and it requires more money because it's not a permanent fixer upper. To make it worse, it's like going to your favorite hairdresser, you find the beautician that can deliver what you want and like and you have to stick with her/him. You'll get affected, most likely, if you change the beautician, something can go wrong and you may end up with unnecessary breakouts and emotional distress. I do go for facial sessions especially after I hit 30 because I'd rather have professional popping up my blackheads rather than DIY since it's damn painful and my sensitive skin can't sustain DIY face masks in Singapore's humidity. When you already have facial sessions, you'll find out about 1001 expensive enhancement treatments that frankly I still can't see why we need all those, but I won't deny that they do make you feel good in the long run, otherwise, people won't be spending the money. I always say this to my beautician during my facial session, 'don't tell me that my face will instantly become radiant or glowing or my wrinkle lines disappearing into thin air because I can't see the difference before and after and the only thing I can feel is that I feel clean after facial.' So does it mean that it's just a scheme? Not entirely, you'll see the difference after x number of sessions, but only after a moderate period of time, give and take, 1 year if you go only once a month for maintenance purposes.

Does it mean that if I go for facials then I can slack off with my daily skincare routine?
NO, there's no pain no gain in getting your skin looks healthy and nice. You still need to do the daily regular DIY skincare routine, you still need to take care of your body, rest well and eat healthily. I'm no better in this regime because everything takes time and sometimes you just feel lazy.

So, these are just my opinions and thoughts, a very long rambling, yes, but I find that sometimes we're to bogged down with what people or the ads say that we forgot what we actually need. Just like drama, use the skincare that makes you feel good and happy and enjoy the product, don't let the products or brands or practices or other people dictate you.

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Apr. 16th, 2017 01:16 pm (UTC)
I usually read the ingredients .. general rule of thumb is if there's alcohol, it's a no go. (and this has nothing to do with being a Muslim, just that it's very drying for the skin)

Hyalurin and allantoin, if one or both are in a moisturising product I will consider it because hyalurin acid is very hydrating and is good for my 'old' skin.

All over body moisturiser. Good old Jergens or Nivea are classics that never ever fail.

Although, for facial sunscreens and neck area ... I do buy the Shiseido Milk skin care range. Light, non-greasy, really absorbant and the SPF50 Milk (for their face) - really DOES work ... how do I know this? Accidental experiment. My hubby out of desperation couldn't find the regular sunscreen, and decided to use mine (how dare he!!!???) couldn't reach his back and managed to slap on his back a palm-shaped (palm-sized) amount on his back, when he came home later that day ... there was his skin red as anything on his back ... but you can see the palm shape where the sunscreen actually was applied! So I kind of trust that it does what it says it does. Plus it glides on (really it does) 'cool' on the skin. I love it! I've been known to use it indoors because I'm addicted to how moisturised my skin feels.

I *DO* know that I have been blessed with good skin, so at the moment it's easy and not too expensive for me. Although I think the only real problem area I have are bags under my eyes ... ahahaha! ^_^

I like this post a lot! Thank you for the insights.

And I hope you got to watch some drama during this long weekend.

And truly actually for me I spend more on hair products heheheh ... want to do a hair product one like this! ^_^
Apr. 17th, 2017 10:10 am (UTC)
Hehehe, glad you like this post, this one is long because, well, it's sort of an FAQ ;), I'll do a separate posts for those like body lotion, sunscreen etc (thanks to my habit of raiding Watson to cure the impulse buying itch, it's more fun than Daiso).

Yes, alcohol makes my skin dry too. Kind of annoying to read the ingredients to see whether got alcohol (in any of their chemical names), and oil vs water for creams, and since I'm lazy, now I just 'feel' the tester LOL. If it has alcohol, it'll have that sizzle feels upon application, and 98% it's accurate LOL.

Hyalurin... it's hydrating, but I kind of annoyed with the application because you need to keep on taping until it's absorb, which is.. arghhh takes time! and if you don't do that, it ends up drying on ur skin, not nice feeling :(.

I managed to watch some drama (it's 2PH days in here afterall) ;), will write about them later too.
Apr. 17th, 2017 09:59 pm (UTC)
hi :) very nice and interesting article :3
I enjoyed reading it. I am actually doing some of your tips (lol I can spent in store with cosmetics hours deciding whether to buy product or not XD) I am 18 and got interested in skincare from my 14? i think... I believe skincare and cleansing is more important than using make up (yes I know some make up can have "healing" or protecting functions as well)
To be honest I am not very familiar with Korean beauty products, but I know they are very helpful and they have high quality. (Um I am from Slovakia, and here we dont have any korean product, and I am student so I cant afford buying it from internet...shipping is damn expensive)
I use brands which are not so expensive but I think they work just fine for me. I am very lucky o not have serious problems. Do you think it is bad to stick to products you like and help you for long time? Should I change them? I dont now if I want experiment a lot...(I use face wash in mornig/in the evening, cleansing water, moisturizer and cream...then I apply light make up and mascara and lip balm..that is all) I am afraid it wont help... Also how many times per year I should visit beautician for special face treatments? (is 1 per 3 month ok?)
Sorry for long comment.
I am looking forward to your next article. Btw i think it would be great if you put some pics of products in the future :D (just my opinion hehe)
anyhow otsukareee for great job ♥
Apr. 18th, 2017 12:17 am (UTC)
Hello there, glad u enjoy the article.

Considering ur young age (i feel so old now, sniff), and u already have the skincare routine that u're ok with, stick with it, do not change. the beauty of young below 20 skin is that u have lots of leeway of not needing of anything else but basic stuffs, which u already have. Unless u're not comfortable with what u're using now or u develop sone weird new problems on ur skin, do not change. u may want to pay attention to changes on ur skin when u hit 20, not to worry, still years ahead, so u may have to change a bit then, but not now.

korean skincare stuff is basically pure hype (in my opinion) n i have to give thumbs up to their marketing strategy n expansion. it's cheaper in a way if they have flagship stores in ur country but not cheaper from chemist skincare stuffs, but certainly not worth it if u're buying fr 3rd party or through online, n i dont believe in extra effort spent to get ur skincare, it should always be available to u at grab point. this is not johnnys concert tickets lol.

again, ur skin is still young, it can produce all the collagen etc needed at the get go, so don't overload it w extra stuff like serum etc, stick w basic. i saw 17yo girls who use dior eye cream for 30plus ladies, and i wonder what products they'll use once they hit 30s because our skin is like sponge, it absorb stuffs, n it defInitely like rich stuff n once u feed them w those, it'll be very difficult later when u change to less richer stuff.

at ur age visit to facial is probably not so necessary, unless its for basic facial and u have very stubborn blackheads or acnes. if u know how to diy, then i dont see the need for u to even go haha. i suck at diy n my blackheads are so bad that i cant even squeeze them myself (Plus its painful n not as clean). if u really want to, every 3 mo is ok (the beautician will always try to get u to come every 2 weeks, not really needed if u have good maIntenance) but u still need to scrub ur face once a week to prevent huge blackheads.

this is equally long reply lol, hope i answer ur questions ;). i'll try to put some pics if i do products (those that i still have or currently use), if not, i'll put links to the products itself so that readers know what the bottles look like, at the very minimum.
Apr. 18th, 2017 02:37 pm (UTC)
Firstly it is rare to find this nice articles about skincare from someone who is not youtuber and can explain problem very subjectively and in interesting way even for ordinary people who is not so into brands etc. and are kinda new in this "world of skincare".

Secondly thank you so much for your nice answers♥♥♥. You are so sweet :3

Hehe well we all age ne?! Yup I have skincare routine which I am comfortable with and I think it works for me... I cant go to bed if I dont do my nigth routine XD. But in the morning it is kinda rushed but I never skip it as well.
I see...yes I plan to buy some more protecting stuff when I reach 20 (which will be sooner than I imagine :P) I saw many products for 20 y.o skin etc. So I will do some more detailed research then.

Well I would really love to try them. But then I dont know how my skin will react to asian cosmetic products. (I am European girl) But for now I cant afford buy it online. Because I dont want try them when I dont know a lot about product... I use product from Garnier, Nivea, NYC, Dermacol, Miss Sporty, LOREAL etc. which are common in my country :P (lol wish I could buy Arashi ticket XD XD I would sell my soul *sob* joking XD)

actually I never used serum before... And I dont know why, but my mom always told me not to use products for "older" skin. So i never tried and I dont want put something what I dont need on my face... (if I was blessed with flawless skin like Neen I would never use make up or corrector XD)
But what will you advise me, when my skin looks little bit tired? should I use some hydrating cream? or?

Yeah blackheads are my nightmare XD I am fighting with them, but only beautician can get rid of them. So that is why I go there...um she said I can come whenever I feel i need. So yeah I think every 3 months or 4 months...

Once again, THANK you for your kind answers♥ and sorry for loong comment again T_T yes you did♥ thaaaanks :3

Um about that photos with products... I really did not want sound bossy. I just thought it would be great idea :D But still it is up to you :3
Anyhow thank you for considering my idea hehe.
I cant wait for your next post about skin care. :D

Apr. 19th, 2017 11:57 am (UTC)
you're giving me 1001 ideas for next skincare post until I dunno where to start LOL. I try to keep it as short as possible for this post else, I'll be literally writing another article in this reply haha...

It's really refreshing to see people below 20 who are diligent in the skincare routine (believe me, not many people care enough about their skin until they're old enough and by that time building a new habit is tough).
Don't worry about mixing it up and especially serum for now. Serum is like enhancement, off course there're lighter serum just for booster that you can try (eg. this one or this one). I won't recommend daily use as you're skin is still young, but only use it if you feel like you need it aka when you feel tired and your skin feels deprived of pampering (it makes u feel good), and just use it in a very very thin layer. Your skin can only absorb that much so there's no need to put so much on your face :).

I completely agree with your mom, so, I'd actually recommend you to drink tomato juice regularly (I did this (or my mom made me) during my teens all the way to high school, every day), it actually helped you build foundation for your skin, believe it or not. Another thing is supplement consumption eg. Vit C or royal jelly, these 2 also helps boost your skin indirectly, though it doesn't have the feel pampered factor.

The closest Western brand (chemist level) that actually has sheet mask is Neutrogena. Tried this before and it was one of my fave (they changed the branding to the current hydroboost) items, if I couldn't find the Korean ones (because they're cheaper).

So hope this helps.

Fun stuff: All Arashi has very bad skin, it really shows from the amount of foundation they use and during variety shooting, they caked up. Nino is blessed with good skin, but he screwed it up with smoking, and the ageing really showing now (sobs). I almost sobbed when they have to put layers of photoshop for the AnAn shoots years ago. Johnny's boys who have really nice skin that I can attest to are Ken Miyake (this one is really flawless that I think he did concert without any make up while Okada slap on so much foundation), Hiroshi Nagano (same like Ken), and Yamapi (oh this one is seriously pulling down my self esteem because his nose literally has NO PORES) LOL.
Apr. 20th, 2017 02:33 pm (UTC)
aaaaaw THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOUUU so much for such sweet answers! ♥ You are so kind :3

Ah I am sorry, for asking a lot questions and making loooong comment... and I you dont have rush to write next articles. Just take your time, I bet they will be amazing :3

Yeah that is true, I think people should be more focused on their skin and it's health. Even men/boys should do so. ( I even persuaded my brother at least use face wash in the evening XD)

I see... Yeey thank you so so much for your reccomendations♥ I will try find them in drugstore. :) (My mom dont allow me to buy them from internet T_T)

Oh tomato (Toma-to XD) juice! Yey I will surely try it :D :3 Yes I think I really need eat more vit C after winter... Thank you for advices ♥

Yes I saw Neutrogena in my drugstore. I wanted to try it, so I think now it is right time hehe.

Once again I am very thankful to you! You helped me. Thank you so much ♥♥♥

Yeah...they have...mostly Jun. Well it is sad, but I have to agree Neener really should never smoke. Indeed it damaged his flawless skin every women was jealous of! What a pity T_T ! well Anan is AnAn but still yes :/

Aaaaah Ken!!! Yeah he sure has such flawless skin!!! Aaaw Yamapi! yes I am envious XD how can that be possible! XD Btw I think Toma used to have very nice skin too but after he started smoking (I think during Bokura ga ita) his skin damaged as well as Ninos... T_T
Apr. 21st, 2017 01:30 pm (UTC)
Toma-to... yeah LOL!!

I'm not super sure whether Toma has good skin because in some of the drama or VS Arashi, his make up looks thick, but in some others are not, and on Yamapi concert that I went years ago, he came late with a hat covering half of his face so he's just sitting on the top platform (those platform that kind of reserved for Johnny's boys) so I only could get a glimpse of him, but he's good looking for sure!!!! Imagine if he's not late, he'd be prancing around on stage with Tackey & Yamapi on that day and my viewing would be complete! Argh!
Apr. 21st, 2017 02:36 pm (UTC)
Chotto matte kudasaaaai!!! YOU WERE IN YAMAPI con? ♥♥♥ and YOU SAW TOMAAAA???? eeeh?? omg omg omg XD (I would totally die XD)
aaah such pity, he should came on time ne :D

Btw yeah, sometimes he has thick make up. I agree... but for example in Voice or Hana Kimi or Osozaki I think his skin was really nice. But maybe I am just so biased? XD (sorry for my fangirling in first part of comment XD)
Apr. 21st, 2017 03:22 pm (UTC)
haha, yeah, that's why I can say I can attest that Yamapi has good skin, and so does Ken LOL. I went to Eropi con for no apparent reason (didn't regret at all, because it was a very good concert considering it was after he left NEWS).

No you're not biased, hahaha, I agree, Toma looked damn good in Osozaki! He also looked good in Himitsu, but I think for that role, he put on quite a lot of make up. I'm anticipating his new movies (I think there're 2 this year, right?). I kinda miss him in drama though? Will he ever go back to drama? Sobs...
Apr. 21st, 2017 05:49 pm (UTC)
well even you did not mention you saw him live I believe you (because just seeing his sking through PC screen shows its perfection hehe) :D Aaaaw you are so lucky :D ♥ well you know what Kitagawa said,if you dont have fun just for one minute in JE con, he will refund your money :D

well I can be critical even when it comes about my hubby XD (*JOKEEE* XD )
I am so happy his current hairstyle is kinda similar to Osozoki era hehe :D
Yeaaah I think I have fettish about Toma's longer hair so I was in heaven seeing him like that XD indeed his make up was kinda thick... his role did not deservet it, I think more natural look will suited him better, he was "criminal" afterall XD... btw I appreciate his nature look in Grasshopper... but his role was so lame it was annoying to watch :P

Yup yup, actually 4... I think HIMITSU already is on blu-ray but nobody subbed it yet (it was released last year in cinemas). Not so long ago Close Knit was in cinemas as well and I AM SOOOOO EXCITED TO WATCH IT!!! (he is such beauty as trans XD even more feminine than some women XD) I feel in my bones it would be great movie and I am so proud of him hehe. Then REIJI 2 will be on blu-ray in june... aaand in fall SENSEI movie will hit cinemas (I know I wont like it :P but he is damn hot XD so yeah I am gonna watch it XD )

aaaah watashi mooo T_T I I want him act in drama soon. I was kinda disapointed when I read schedule about dramas in 2017...I hoped he will surprise us with drama...
(OMG I got carried away XD *as always when talking about Toma* I am trully sorry for this full-of-toma-ranting post T_T)

Edited at 2017-04-21 05:52 pm (UTC)
Apr. 22nd, 2017 05:53 am (UTC)
I rarely talk to a Toma fan hehe, so I don't mind fangirling on his works.
Yes, Sensei! I'm actually anticipating this one just because I like the manga. It's a very old manga (probably late 90s because of the characterization and the story plot), but I like the sensei's character. The manga is quite long so unless they pull the Bokura ga Ita by splitting the story into 2 parts, it's hard to imagine the movie without it being butchered and immersed with tons of plot holes.

Edit: O ya, I watched Himitsu on the plane.. a bit of disappointment on the story. I watched the anime and it emphasized Toma's character well, but the movie was like presenting Toma as a supporting character instead T__T. I couldn't find the English scanned on the manga so...
Ah I saw the trailer for mogura no uta 2, find that this series is the weird type of movie that just to showcase Toma's acting range LOL.

I find lots of Johnny's are like having this pressure to prove that they can act, so they take up either weird projects or human drama, and put the romcom genre aside... SOBS... can we just have a balance portfolio? sigh...

Edited at 2017-04-22 06:00 am (UTC)
Apr. 23rd, 2017 04:05 pm (UTC)
aaaaw thaaanks ♥ you are really so sweet :3
really? you read it? is it that good? (I dont like idea of student-teacher love relationship. I mean she is in my age and... I just find it wrong hehe XD but I will fall for Toma if he was my teacher XD so I am really baka XD ). I see, hmm then they really should split this one too to 2 parts ne? But of course almost everytime they put manga into movie story is not "complete" or with "holes"... Anyway I dont get why Japan promote teacher-student love...it is just weird in my view hehe :P I just hope movie will be as cute as Hidamari no basho kanojo (i read that director is same)

Woooow!!! You watched it already? (Raw or with some subs?) I also wanted to watch anime first. I just saw 1st ep. I see ... hmm...but why? he should be main role? :P hehe And is movie similar to anime? or? (I still did not watch movie because I cant find eng subs *sob* and my japanese is still very limited :( and this movie looks to be difficult to understand story so...)
Yeah I looked for manga as well but no eng version. :/

YEAH!! it sure is one of the Toma's weirdest work :P actually I dont like it XD most of the time it is rude and forced violent humor is not my cup of coffee XD. Well yes it shows his acting skill and many other "things" as well XD

Hmm... indeed, but I think good actor should take challenges and grow with each of his character. I dont think being versatile actor is bad. But it is just my oppinion. Do you think JE is pursuing them like that? Maybe you are right and it is just that I never thought of it like that... I dont mind it actually XD but probably because I am not so into romantic things XD (not that I dont watch some time to time XD)

Edited at 2017-04-23 04:13 pm (UTC)
Apr. 24th, 2017 11:19 am (UTC)
Sensei! in manga is a little bit different from the regular teacher-student theme (in my opinion). They're clear on what can be done, can't be done, like until she graduated, or at least there's no explicit scene in the manga, not even a decent kiss scene, but you can tell that he cares for her and even doubt whether he's fit for her, not that the age gap is super huge though.

Why Japan like this kind of theme, again, in my opinion, just like incest (so many onii-chan anime), they like to romanticize those taboo relationship for whatever reason, which is yes, weird, but such fantasies always exists in the society, so there's a demand for it.

For flight more than 6 hours in Asia, nowadays it's likely to have in flight entertainment with quite a lot of Japanese movies (yey!!!), and almost on par with the latest movies too, eg. right before it got release on DVD, they'll have it on the plane, with Eng subs. So, if I'm lucky enough to travel on certain month, I get to watch some of the movies :). In Himitsu, I think the main role is more for Okada Masaki's character, not Toma's, even in anime. But at least in anime, we have so much more screen time for Toma's character.

and I'm still traumatized by the scene where he ate the glass... euuwww...

Yes, versatile actors are good but getting typed cast is not :). I feel like Johnny's try to shy away from the romcom department for fear of being caged by the ikemen image, hence you see Okada venturing to the samurai, action etc, same like Toma, and even Nino is focusing on human category. But after that, you'll get to see Okada again and again in samurai or army movies, even the person himself complained that he's been typed cast. Toma is luckier because his portfolio is more diverse than Okada, but he also got a few repeated kind of roles, not exactly the same, but similar, so I hope he's careful with his future projects. What I don't understand is why they shy away from romance, I mean, it needs the same amount of acting quality as other genres too, else, how are we supposed to be smitten by the characters? Are Johnny's so scared of shaking the idol image? Or they're just bad at romance genre? I mean, only Kimutaku and Matsujun have good kissing scenes in my book for Johnny's boys.
Apr. 26th, 2017 09:38 pm (UTC)
I see, well I think I cant judge movie when I did not see it and did not read manga yet right? (maybe I am just sceptical because I did not liked Close range love.)
Indeed, that is true hehe. Well taboo always fascinated people right?

aaaw I wish I could fly to Asia T_T (one day *sob* ,I hope)
OMG! Even eng sub!! *dead* Luckyyy hehe :D
I see, I should finish anime soon...

Ah XD you mean in Reiji? XD I am traumatized from whole movie xD gosh that scene with Toma being tied to car XD One of my nightmares (after Maou, Ouroboros and YOSHIMOTO! XD) I remember I was so young to watch that movie XD omg XD *blushes*

Well, yes, I see your point and agree. Hmm Johnny's are "weird" in many things XD (I dont think weird is good word) Yes they protect their idols and so...but sometimes I wish they give them more freedom.
Yes that is true abot Okada and Neen and yes about Toma as well. I agree he had similar roles. Maybe it is just me, but I think Toma used to be more "picky" about his roles...now he takes everything. (I think Reiji2 was forced by director Mike...but that is just mine conspiratory theory :P ) I would like to see him as Detective, but really mysteriousand serious detective drama XD (something like Sherlock but not Sherlock XD lol)

Hmm...Idk, again just me, they leave space for rom-com for younger generation of actors. But I would like to see Toma in something like Hanamizuki again. Ofc this time his role should be more matured...
Hmm Johnny's are sometimes difficult to understand :P I would not say they are bad at romance genre (ok Sho and Oh-chan might be a little bit awkaward XD) Yeah I also noticed that... but generaly speaking in japanese movies/dramas it is rare to find "normal" or should I say "satisfying" kissing scene. (Btw Toma also had "ok" kissing scenes hehe *why am I mentioning it? *now I sound biased* )

LOL from skin-care to this kind of topic XD I am sorry for spamming you there with comments.

Apr. 27th, 2017 11:08 am (UTC)
No need to apologize, this blog is mainly for everything that I like, and yes I like Johnny's so, no shame about it hahaha...

Ah, please don't compare Sensei! to Kinkyori Renai, it's same theme but the characters are completely different. In Kinkyori Renai, the sensei is so flirtatious compared to Sensei!, who is through and through just a serious regular dude. Sensei! is more realistic, really, it gives you a full picture of why teacher-student renai is a no-no, and if they go through with it 1001 things can go wrong. I just hope the movie is not focus on the wrong thing, coz really, so many live actions butcher the manga T__T.

That naked tied on the car scene in MnU is probably the ONLY funny scene out of entire movie T__T. I was left speechless after watching it because I dunno what the hell I'm watching and I don't get the story and that already with Eng subs LOL. It started out OK but after 20min it just went nuts.

You just gave me another idea on what to write and I think I'll write this one first, my skincare article is still nowhere near done, probably only 30% T__T, I rewrote everything because the first draft is nowhere near satisfactory haha...

Stay tune....

May. 3rd, 2017 04:56 pm (UTC)
I see, thank you for reassuring me that Sensei! is not "that" kind of movie as Kinkyori Renai. :) I will also hope for the best and that the movie will be nice :) yeah i know what you mean (eg Bokura ga ita, I think movie killed a lot "kawaiiness" heh) that is sad :/

LOL yes it sure is XD but I could not get to like that movie XD well you are not alone XD I felt lost as well XD

omg really? am I that "inspiring"? (lol i just gave you just annoying and baka questions XD that's it hehe) I see :D yey ofc I will stay tuned for your next articles :D ♥
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