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My Arashi Drama Rating part 2


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My Arashi Drama Rating part 1

The list is purely subjective. Those are not in this list would mean I haven't watched them or I haven't finished them or I dropped them or I just don't have much or enough opinion about them.

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My J-Drama List

It's good that I was asked about Drama List because honestly I lost track of what I've watched. I just list down what I can find on my HDs and what I remembered watching. I only include what I finished, so those half way and drop are not in this list. I just mention once for those who has Season 1, 2, 3 plus SP plus movie, whichever. You can google them and it'll include the whole franchise :).

I used to watch K-drama too and I think that list is also long, but... I'm not in K-drama land anymore...
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I won't update this so often, maybe at the end of the year LOL...

Goblin Epi 2 ~ the aesthetic

You know I'll jump straight in for a BEAUTIFUL and PRETTY drama because there's a reason why it's called fantasy drama. This is the perfect medicine to move on from that harem drama (though can I really move on? Not really since we won't get anything from SBS :( ). But look at the aesthetic, Epi 1 has all the beautiful stuff from Goryeo era, and the church, but Epi 2 just up the level with the scenes in Quebec. This is like movie quality for a drama. In J-drama, I only can think of TBS big budget drama to pull this kind of similar aesthetic (eg. Tenno no Ryouriban), but apparently it becomes more and more often for K-drama.

goblin 000021.jpg
This is what you call a goblin... K-drama version!

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goblin 000013.jpg
And you don't want to piss off the goblin or you'll end up like ^^


It's been... almost ONE year since the last time I did this kind of recaps LOL...

I have mixed feeling about this segment, it's funny, I mean GACKT with Arashi is always adorbs and entertaining, but particularly with the medicine ball segment, I can't help but worry. If you saw GACKT IG acount, you'll know the medicine ball exercise because he posted some clips on it and it's damn hard, even for those who have that rigorous training regime regularly. So imagine if you're not so-called trained with that kind of spartan training menu, and people drop that medicine ball on your tummy, especially Aiba-chan's part, I can't help but worry about the potential injurIES that may happen, ranging from muscle inflamation to slipped disk (you use your back, which you're not supposed to, instead of your core muscle, to hold that ball). And you can even see Matsujun, the so-called most fit in Arashi, struggled, so you can imagine the rest. Enough of the rant and back to the whole segment itself, basically there're 3 parts of it, first is the random (literally random) quetions thrown at GACKT, then it's that training segment, and lastly it's the crane game.

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Never Say Goodbye & Goblin Epi 1

I'm definitely a masochist for spending the entire sunny Saturday morning watching these 2 things... beautiful & pretty but at the same time, you know... making yourself emotionally twisted, as if that drama harem is not enough.

Never Say Goodbye

Nevermind that the girl's character is rather annoying and self centered (who wouldn't if the woo-er is that pretty LJK, damn), but as a whole this movie is something similar to Tamaki's Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru, only the role is reversed, and more dramatic plus angsty. Well, everything becomes angsty if there's LJK in it. The concept itself is nothing new, the lover that wishes the happiness of the other half and knowing that he's dying, he did what he thought the best for his girl, lessen her sadness and preparing her to move on. Kind of one sided and bittersweet, which is the point of angst. And I seriously hope that I get to see LJK doing rom com for a change in the future (WITH HAPPY END), because his track record of angsty work just keep piling up and my DoM heart can take it so much. The nice touch at the end, they use LJK's For A While to end the movie.
Overall, something to watch if you want to squeeze some tears while watching LJK did some fan service :p.

Goblin Epi 1

Well, at least this one is more truthful than that harem drama by stating a 'sad love story' from the get go, so you know what you're getting into and prepare your heart if the guy ended up dead, he's a goblin (a hunkie one at that) anyway. So many deaths from the first half of the episode, but at least it's balanced by the comedy side of the friction between our hunkie goblin and hunkie shinigami (I hate the hat though, what's up with that get up???). The background is beautiful (the church, the field, the sea), but I hope those pretty backgrounds don't depleted the whole budget that the latter episodes suffer. At least this is something that will probably keep me interested because I'm on the verge of dropping the rest of the current drama...
Weighligting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Epi 1-2

This drama is so pastel, cute and fluffy... hope there won't be so much angst, but hey, what's angst after that harem drama? LOL. If Baek Ah not getting any happiness in that harem drama, he will get his in this drama, I'm 99.999% sure of it. And Baek Ah is really an eye candy (I can't remember his character name here, and Baek Ah is still easier to remember, maybe after few more episode I'll remember his name LOL), that 8 packs is a sight to behold. I love the LJS cameo scene in epi 2, they did a good job in making the W reference, from him being the shooter, the dialog is done with Yeon Joo's senior, and the reference that he looks like manga character, plus the W OST at the background, really nicely done! And the girls are so cute (the weightlifting team, not the bitchy gymnastic team). Their love for food is over the top, and I hope this don't change in the future episodes.

Cain & Abel Epi 1-2

This drama will have lots of angst brewing, especially after epi 2 when Yu found out that his big bro is going out with Azusa. There'll potentially 1 bitch in this drama, Yu's friend (that friend who's trying to get his attention and seemingly good would probably become a liability later), I already don't like her from the get go, but we'll see. I'm looking forward on Yu's character development. In this first 2 episode, he's just running around trying to do his job, overcoming the challanges without sit back and have some changing enlightment, but I'd think episode 3 will show this and I want to see Yamada's angst!!! I hope there's no rabu2 scene in this drama because I just can't imagine it, nope, no, I just can't. Somehow I'm scared with rabu2 scene for j-drama especially if Johnny's boys are the leads (only a few, and I really mean A FEW, only can be count by 1 hand okay, are the exceptions).

I'm holding back from watching Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim because I can't take the main lead's idiocy, I'll wait until he's not that idiot (my friend is watching so he'll tell me when it's time to watch again LOL). And I'm droping that Sweet Stranger something, as much as I like to see Lee So Hyuk, but spending time on that drama? I'd rather read more harem drama fanfic...
This has officially become my cure of harem drama, but with a hefty cost, my tummy... OMG my tummy... it's screaming for food everytime I watch this, and I blame this on Eric!!! His cooking skills is no joke (though it looks slow and it has become a running joke on the show, but I'd be slow too if you have to cook in stations and with minimal gadget and to be frank the stove and the prep space is not made for efficiency LOL) and I feel so much lacking in cooking skills (and I cook a lot) when I saw him cook on this show. I know Eric can cook from Shinhwa Broadcast, but this show seems to showcase his true skills, and it's a joy to see. His cooking style is very close to mine, no measuring, based on tasting, and he makes things look easy. For example, I have fear of trying to cook jjapchae (it's bloody expensive in restaurant, and I always thought this dish is so difficult to make), but after I saw Eric doing it... hey, wait a minute, it's not that complicated, and his version looks so doable. So I'm going to try it one of these days (after I bought the ingredients, and Korean pantry is a totally different pantry from Japanese or Indonesian, sigh).

And to think on the next episode, they're gonna have sashimi party... OMG....

PS. I wonder how Eric will cope with this variety or how they're going to schedule the filming when Shinhwa start promoting next month...

That Harem Drama OTP Arc 1

With the intention of not going to ever watch the whole thing again because it's so painful and emotionally draining, BUT every now and then there'll be tendency to peek over the OTP story, I'm extracting SoxSoo's scenes. Not all of them are rosy for sure, because they just need to make this OTP so tragic and probably rejoicing over when our hearts bleed.
I have zero skills of video editting, which is why you'll see the transition is so jagged and rough, but I'm okay with the result since the intention is to compile everything together. This is the 1st cut from episode 1 to 4, which means, all the cute stuffs (well, some of them are the angsty So, but still OK).


choose this as the main frame for obvious reason :p

I realized when I started extracting the clips, there're couple of arcs for this OTP, which is good for cutting aka the end file won't be so huge to upload. SoxSoo scenes would probably only make up 20%-30% out of the whole 20 hours --> there's only a mere 20 minutes out of the whole first 5 episodes (OMG, this is ridiculous, yes, we should ask SBS why there're so little screentime for our main couple in the whole series)
The arcs are:
1. The beginning
2. The friendship
3. The chasing aka So will do literally anything for Soo
4. The happiest moment before dooms day aka the only around 10 minutes of joy before all hell break loose (or in other words, finally So's getting some)
5. The downhill (semi angsty out of circumstances but still bearable) aka nothing goes right after So ascended to the throne
6. The breakup and regret (all the angst and illogical turn of event) aka the last 3 episode
Most likely I'll only watch up till part 4 and just make the last 2 parts for the sake of complition or when I'm in the mood for stabbing my own heart with LJK's crying scenes.

So, after finishing the 1st arc, I learned how to use the video editting software and realize that most of the time spent is not on the consolidating the video. It's on the timing all the right clips, and I don't know whether I want to master the skill or just leave it as is because it's very time consuming!

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