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My Arashi Drama Rating part 2


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My Arashi Drama Rating part 1

The list is purely subjective. Those are not in this list would mean I haven't watched them or I haven't finished them or I dropped them or I just don't have much or enough opinion about them.

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My J-Drama List

It's good that I was asked about Drama List because honestly I lost track of what I've watched. I just list down what I can find on my HDs and what I remembered watching. I only include what I finished, so those half way and drop are not in this list. I just mention once for those who has Season 1, 2, 3 plus SP plus movie, whichever. You can google them and it'll include the whole franchise :).

I used to watch K-drama too and I think that list is also long, but... I'm not in K-drama land anymore...
I put in the cut because I just realize that it"s... LONG...Collapse )

I won't update this so often, maybe at the end of the year LOL...

Fantastic Epi 14 & Career Epi 1

Fantastic Epi 14

I forgot where I left off for this drama, but since harem drama was not aired today (in real life, baseball game takes precedence over the love story of Wang So & Hae Soo), I just randomly click the latest episode... and I didn't miss a thing.
The main couple in this drama is not my OTP, and at the beginning episodes, I skipped a lot. The male lead was rather annoying, the female lead was very emo and kept ding dong-ing over her decisions. The 2nd lead doctor was too perfect to be true (and yes, in this episode, it explains why he's described to be so perfect, am sure they did some snippets here and there in the previous episodes as we saw flashbacks of him). I do get and kind of pity the female lead though. She's fighting her cancer, yet this ex boyfriend of her is pestering her, and on top of that, her work has its own challanges, and in drama logic, any evil characters must be connected at some manners to the good characters. And in this drama, there's no further depth in the evil characters, they're just self centered, self entitled, rude and despicale people, period. I was so glad that finally Baek Seol (my fave female character here) finally stands up to herself (you go girl!). I do hope my OTP ship sails though I'll be fine if it's not either due to their circumstances.

If I were to go back to watch the prior episodes, it'll be solely for the OTP LOL.

Career Epi 1

Finally! Tamaki's new drama. But I'd guess this will be like any typical lighter police drama but less lighter than Bitter Blood. I'd hope for more angst and darker past, but probably will wait for more episode for some of the mysteries to be revealed eg. what's the relationship of the past Chief with Toyama and Minami and what makes Minami to be so annoying as he's now. The first case itself is not that wow-ing, it makes me feel that j-dorama is running out of ideas for their police drama either. Fuji-TV, I think you can do better. There're so many good lighter police drama already, so it kind of hard when you have to compete with the likes of Bitter Blood or BOSS, and even tougher when you go down the darker side eg. Unfair or Strawberry Night. And, if I don't see Chief Toyama start shedding his 'trying too hard to be friendly and lowkey' attitude and actually kick some actual ass (I don't need the actual kick ass because Tamaki just need to slay people with words and I'll be watching), I can see myself dropping this drama.

Historical Drama ~ Taiga vs Saeguk

While I don't always watch historical drama, I realize that I do have some share of both Taiga and Saeguk (more saeguk though). Though both are featuring historical figures, the approach taken by both Taiga and Saeguk are very different, which makes it very interesting.

Taiga drama <3Collapse )

Saeguk drama <3Collapse )Now the fun stuffCollapse )

My list of saeguk drama: Dae Jang Geum, Dong Yi, Jung Yi, Hwang Jin Yi, Empress Ki
Contemporer saeguk drama: Hong Gil Dong, Iljimae, Arang & Magistrate, Joseon Gunman, Scholar who Walks The Night, Queen Inhyeon's Man, Warrior Baek Dong Soo, The Legend, and the current harem drama.
... HELL, I watched a lot of historical stuff, never really thought about it until now... Thanks to the harem drama.

Ah, and we still have weekend for Monday to come... no matter heartbreaking it'll be... sigh....
Nevertheless, history is fascinating and maybe I should pick up Shinsengumi (another history portion that I'm interested in).

Fall 2016 J-dorama

After a long draught, finally Fall 2016 is here. Most of the time, I have faith in Fall season dorama, so this time I put my faith that doramaland maintains this assumption. So a few that I will try to watch:

Kyoaku wa Nemurasenai SP ~ I watch anything with Tamaki, whether I'll like it and keep on watching it will be another question.
Career ~ Yes, I'll watch anything with Tamaki. Why he's not doing romcom is beyond me. I miss the smoldering Tamaki!!!
Jimi ni Sugoi ~ took a glimpse of Epi 1, it looks decent though I couldn't say that I like Ishihara Satomi's character, but I'll still watch it for her. However, if it gets boring, then I'll drop it.

I'm not sure whether I want to watch Koe Koi (it'll be a binge watching).

To be honest, I really miss the old time of J-dorama where I was so overwhelmed on which drama I should watch. The current selection is meh to be honest. They should just do another season of Legal High and I'll watch it without any thoughts, and I thought there'll be another season of Dr X (this is the only drama which I kept on watching and has been consistent in delivery)?

I wonder why TV Asahi doesn't turn Jiken Kyumeii ~ Imat no Kiseki into a drama. It already has 2 SP and I like both of them, full of suspense and twist at the end, and I'd prefer Tamaki in dark role compared to the cheery one.

On second thought, maybe I should just rewatch Love Shuffle or PRIDE (again???!!??)


That Harem Drama Epi 15

Well, another episode of carrot dangling before the slaughter begins, and worse, it'll spill over to the next episode where they put in another carrot on the preview. What's more infuriating is how they make Hae Soo's lack of trust in So, but kept on the trust in Wook that he won't do bad things (even the evil king already blatantly hinting that Wook is the shitty bad guy, come on, surely Hae Soo can use her brain, right?). Sigh, hasn't So done enough for Hae Soo to earn her trust? He's literally sacrificed his own life drinking the poisoned tea for her. What's wrong with this girl? I get the flashes affect her in the earlier episodes, but not now, that's just plain bullshit altogether. That's just seeds of the ugly foreshadowing for future episodes. Must the Korean version follow the C-version towards the shitty sad ending? I seriously don't want to see precious pup So turns evil with more eyeliner.

I need more happy fanfic of SoxSoo to heal my soul and sustain my frustration until next week. Or watch the cute BTS again... Also lots of hugs for i_am_zan for sending me the super fluff LavixLenaLee fic, that's just cuteness overload considering where the anime left us LOL.

In the meantime,enjoy the pretty cinematography of the date scene from Epi 14. Those rare happy moments... argh... So needs all the happiness that he deserves...

That beautiful lake is so lovely that it'll soothe your angry soul from watching Epi 15... grrr...

And lastly have some smiley pup (enjoy it while it lasts)...

That Harem Drama Ep 14

I feel like the drama just baited us with some juicy carrots aka that less than 10minutes moments combined alltogether after waiting for 14 episodes!
all the way to the slaughter house, and soon all hell breaks loose. I'd still like to know where Jung stands. It's still unclear and the evil queen still has influence over him.

Having said that this drama is one of those rare drama where good and bad guys are blurred out due to their reasonings and point of view. Sure the 3rd prInce is evil, especially 8th prince (he's getting worse by episode), but they have their backgoubd and reasonIng explained, not just shown as plain evil.

I lost hope of having a happy end for this drama, esp looking at ep15 trailer, at the very least I hope the ending won't be that painful and the ship doesn't sink like the Chinese version.

My very last hope is that So doesn't lose the warmth after he becomes Gwanjeong. Please stay precious, and don't be like the Chinese version. But the seeds for this scenario were there.. sobs, sobs, the foreshadowing... sobs....

D.Gray-man Hallow Ep 10-13

What.did.I.just.watch???? I felt so bad, n have the need to pat and hug Allen. Seriously, shits that happened to Kanda suddenly doesn't look so bad compared to Allen's. What's with that cardinal? Too many shitty 'humans' in the Order itself, and the pope and hitler dude seriously need to die!

And Kanda and Allen, that's a very beautiful friendship!  Allen didn't give up on Kanda and now he's paying Allen back, and thank goodness he's alive (the only good thing from this season).

I kept having this feeling that the Noahs are not the actual bad guys. The good and tge bad is always not purely black and white here, but one thing for sure, the world will be a happier place without the hitler dude.

ps. do not watch ep. 11 in the middle of the night or you'll wake up the neighbors in horror state, and I need a timcappy for myself.

so, when is the next season? another 10 years?

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