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My Arashi Drama Rating part 2


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My Arashi Drama Rating part 1

The list is purely subjective. Those are not in this list would mean I haven't watched them or I haven't finished them or I dropped them or I just don't have much or enough opinion about them.

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My J-Drama List

It's good that I was asked about Drama List because honestly I lost track of what I've watched. I just list down what I can find on my HDs and what I remembered watching. I only include what I finished, so those half way and drop are not in this list. I just mention once for those who has Season 1, 2, 3 plus SP plus movie, whichever. You can google them and it'll include the whole franchise :).

I used to watch K-drama too and I think that list is also long, but... I'm not in K-drama land anymore...
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I won't update this so often, maybe at the end of the year LOL...

Kouhaku & JCD 2016-2017

Another year passed by. After a really shitty 2016, I trully wish for a better 2017. Anybody making new year resolution? I'm just hoping that I'll be healthy and happier this year :).

Staying at home watching Kouhaku and JCD has been a New Year's Eve routine as there's no way I'm going to be a part of the sea of humans watching fireworks outside. The hassle of going back afterwards is more than a nightmare than a festive feels.

So the main question is whether the year end shows is better than last year's? Yes and No.

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Goblin Epi 9 ~ the aesthetic

Never cease to impress, how much cost goes to just for a back hug scene LOL. If the past episode, they have to wreck more than 10 cars just to create a back hug scene, this time they have to go shoot it at the peak of a mountain complete with the aerial view. Storywise, it's getting more intense, and next episode will be the angst. But they still manage to slip in the bromance and the humour (the Gong Yoo scene is just LOL, very short but LOL).

The bromance of these 2 immortal being is basically the essence of this drama
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Happy New Year everybody!


In this episode we have Nino doing PPAP (which I just can't unsee, I wish I could rewind the time I spent watching this, ugh), Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (only the shiritori segment actually caught my attention), and... This is MJ! First female guest and... she slayed MJ LOL!!! MJ was actually hyper and cute in this segment <3. Anyhoo, enjoy the segment, tried to cut short the caps, but alas...

you cannot unsee this, right?
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I still have 1 Manabu post to be posted in this 2016, cross finger I can finish it on time.
And that senile grandma is really so determine in burry SMAP alive. And Arashi get to perform as the last performer in Kouhaku, gee, what a coincidence??? I'm proud for Arashi, HOWEVER, that place is like handed over to them, not achieved by them, and that disappoint me because Arashi will get it sooner or later anyway, but no, that senile grandma must do it this way.

SMAP is a freaking legend, at the very least they deserve to bow out with dignity, not being shunned away (rejecting Kouhaku invitation is just PURE BULLSHIT from Johnny's, who are they kidding? really? really? OK I need to cool down, phewwww) and locked in a box as if it's just a bad memory for that senile grandma.

Not impressed with how Johnny's deal with SMAP because it sets presedence to the junior groups (and it makes Arashi so politically correct now that it becomes boring tbh), and with that I can't really be happy with whatever had happened in 2016 (SMAP ends, Narimiya retires --> this is a very sad news and those tabloid people just need to burn in hell for ruining people's lives!!, and internationally Prince, George Michael, and so many more disappear from our world, plus we have that yellow bigbird as US president, and what happened in the Middle East, good lord, my heart breaks everytime I see the news, and all the stupidity going on in Indonesia, for godsakes religion should not be meddled with the nation prosperity)

NOW, I hope 2017 is better! Better J-drama (I have some expectation on Kimutaku drama, especially with the reunion of PRIDE couple), less angsty and better romcom K-drama, better world, better humanity, better economy revival (I know it's tough, but things need to turn around, else there'll be more horrible labor cuts and that's really bad), less economic greed (seriously, shareholders need to be controlled ethically, it's getting out of control on how companies push for short term profits). I think lots of these are wistful thinking, but we need hope to be living as humans, else we're just living beings crowding and destroying this place called earth.


Cain & Abel epi 4-7

Out of so many drama this Fall 2016, I think I end up looking forward to this one the most. There're some chops in Ryuichi's monologues (I think around episode 6 that I feel the most that it sounds like a plot hole, and this is one of the rare moments where I wish J-drama is having more episodes, so that the story flows better and not choppy), but nevermind, this is just a minor thing that somehow my pettiness just picked up. If we look back from the beginning of the episode, the first 2 episode is quite slow, and it just picked up when Yu starts to get more work aka work harder and getting more confidence while Ryuichi is going down mentally. Love the progressiveness of how Yamada portrayed Yu character. You can see the increasing of confidence level and changes in Yu as a whole (whether this is going to be good or bad). And I find this is to be more interesting than watching Doctor X for now.

Goblin epi 5-7

This beautiful drama is going to get more angsty soon. So we have to savour all the cute and adorbs bromance which are overflowing right now. The honorary mention goes to Grim Reaper with video calls and his hung up on business card (this goes for more than 1 episode LOL). Goblin being jealous is also another funny intake but what's better than Goblin watching Train to Busan (his own movie) and got the scared shit out of it in the most embarassing way.
Though this drama is pretty, with beautiful backdrops, cinematography, fabulous OST and good looking people and also fantastic acting, it doesn't make me emotionally attached to wanting the next episode pronto (side eyeing that harem drama) and it doesn't make me mulling over the characters too (THANK GOODNESS, I got a life to live). So, I guess I can enjoy watching this drama with more freedom and appreciation ;).

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim epi 13-14

So it takes over 11 episode for the stupid doctor to be less stupid, and it takes 13 episodes for us to see the kissing scene again, no wonder they're dangling us with carrot (that hot kissing scene) in epi 1. Skip lots of non sense, especially with those scenes with Director Do, and off course when Kand Dong Joo being stupid.

Hwarang epi 1-3

Hmm... not as impressive as I'd think. I'm more frustrated watching this than watching Romantic Doctor, tbh. The political portion is more interesting than watching the pretty people (gasp), and probably the problem is the pretty people is not that super pretty as described (or maybe I just have different preferrences). Up till epi 3, I still don't know the characters names, and the main character is blindly taking revenge and not thinking aka rather stupid. Yes, his best friend was killed in front of him, but to direct your sword against the queen just like that, seriously??? really??? Looks like writer-nim just trying to get an easy way out to move the plot and create more angst. Even So knows when to direct his sword despite all his train wreck issues (and yes I still reference whatever to that harem drama and I'm not sorry).

Goblin Epi 4 ~ the aesthetic

Can't stress enough how beautiful this drama from cinematography point of view!!! Not to mention the story, the acting is so good so far. I love how the goblin is portrayed here. Gong Yoo gives out this ancient air every now and then, very contrast to the petty and childish side of him when he banters with the shinigami. Speaking the shinigami, the bromance!!! The friendship that only lasts for 5 minutes line is totally LOL.

Our resident goblin LOVES being told that he's cool <3

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