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My Arashi Drama Rating part 2


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My Arashi Drama Rating part 1

The list is purely subjective. Those are not in this list would mean I haven't watched them or I haven't finished them or I dropped them or I just don't have much or enough opinion about them.

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My J-Drama List

It's good that I was asked about Drama List because honestly I lost track of what I've watched. I just list down what I can find on my HDs and what I remembered watching. I only include what I finished, so those half way and drop are not in this list. I just mention once for those who has Season 1, 2, 3 plus SP plus movie, whichever. You can google them and it'll include the whole franchise :).

I used to watch K-drama too and I think that list is also long, but... I'm not in K-drama land anymore...
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I won't update this so often, maybe at the end of the year LOL...

Remakes, remakes, remakes

Having almost to no drama to watch (yes, it's that much drama I've been watching lately) makes me end up with mindless browsing on drama thumbnails, both j-drama and k-drama. Upon browsing those, I realize, there're more and more cross remakes happening between Chinese, Korean and Japanese, whether it's drama converted to drama or movie converted to drama vice versa. First we have the live-action from manga to drama/movie, then on top of that there's these remakes. The remakes has been happening since years ago, and it creates kind of an excitement and curiousity especially if the original is that good, will the remake be as good or even better? But just like its live-action counterpart, seems that I've been hearing remakes more often now, compare to years ago. What happened? Does the industry getting lazzier and just want to get quick ideas and cash in? It's still a gamble despite the original being mega successful (side eyeing a certain drama, you know which one). So below is just some example that I can think of, you know how lazy I am to do extra research to find out ALL remakes across 10 years? Please don't expect me to do this, I still have to use my brain to prepare for workshop & training materials (RL sucks), and this is just for fun and healing therapy for me.

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A life ~ Kanashiki Hito Epi 1-5

Let me just let it out first, this is probably the most worth of your time drama for Winter 2017 season. Will it go to the classic bucket? Most likely no, come on, who are we kidding, we have PRIDE, Long Vacation, Love Generation and the whole bunch of other Kimutaku drama that has the J-drama charms in full blast. But, does Kimutaku still have it? YES, he still got it. It's more subtle now because of the theme and storyline but you can see it in his eyes, that yearning!

Epi 1 is honestly rather boring because they just basically laying out the background and the set up, but I have some faith in Kimutaku, so I stay. Okita sensei came back to Tokyo after 10 years in Seattle with a badass surgery skill and also still with the don't care of the world attitude (pretty much like Kiryu in Hero but without the eccentric mode and more serious, and look more like Daimon Michiko without the ittashimasen and shippaishinaide iconic remarks). Awaiting in Tokyo is the sick former boss who he has to save, ex girlfriend now married with his 'best friend' (we'll get to that later), and the whole team of surgeon who actually err, not really fond of him, except for 1 nurse who is damn impressed with his mad skill.

So, up until epi 5, we see character development on practically each of those in the main casting list aka the rest of the main casting background story, what made them become that way, except for Okita, Mifuyu. Well, we get to see glimpses of how a greedy asshole Masao is. He already shipped Okita to Seattle, snatched Mifuyu from Okita (I hugely think this is Okita's stupidity and major plot mover anyway), had affair with the secretary(? - who really cares what she does, she's hot, sexy, always in tight skirt and yes she bangs the boss), and tried to sabotage the current director. However, despite being that greedy and such an asshole, he's so bloody insecure when Okita come to the picture, always spying over Okita and Mifuyu (that's what you get when you snatching somebody else's), furthermore when the Director (Mifuyu's dad) shows favor towards Okita (so why the hell he shipped Okita to Seattle? another plot mover). But what about Okita? His character is consistent up until now, stay through to what he's doing, not caring about politics and the corporate ladder, just honing his surgerical skills and basically saving patients left and right. And Mifuyu? Same, being a good mother to a cute daughter (emphasizing how an asshole Masao is), a caring doctor but still not sure on what role she should be playing in the team, given that she's the director's daughter, plus she's sick. The 2 leads only starts moving in this episode 5, Mifuyu dropping hints on why Okita 'left' her, when did Okita 'dumped' her. Okita had that look (you know what kind of look I'm talking about) when looking at Mifuyu. It's not so obvious in epi 1-4, so subtle, but gradually we see that 'look.' That's why I say, Kimutaku still has it! Or, I'm just biased and have too much imagination, yeah!

I do worry that if this is a 10 episode drama, the story development is too rush. We have so many things going on at the same time: the regular cases which raise lots of ethical questions (something that J-dorama is really good at), the big elephant medical case (Mifuyu's), the possible loveline (which I really dunno where it'll end up --> are we going to support furin here? TBS you better think carefully, we're talking about the PRIDE couple here, lots of fans will bash you (me included) if Mifuyu stick to Masao after you show him being such an asshole, on the other hand if Okita snatch Mifuyu back, what does that mean? Furin is OK in the name of love? What about the kid? OMG, so messy). I don't understand why they don't just make Mifuyu engaged to Masao, instead married with children, that'll be less messier, but off course, more predictable. If this is a 16 episode K-drama, I can see the more juicy and angst come to play because they have the length, I'd think even 12 episode J-drama should be enough to make some main plot ellaborate. Up until epi 5, we just have the main plot looking like the background instead of being the main. So, we'll see how it goes from epi 6, Mifuyu now knows that she's screwed with the tumour and demand answer on why the hell Okita 'dumped' her. I don't think he ever dumped her nor he ever stopped loving her. Drama we need more episodes!!!

Tokyo Tarareba Musume Epi 1

Obviously I'm still stressed, my workload just trippled after 1 meeting and I have a migraine now (probably need to sleep soon). So, I thought might as well pick up another dorama to rant my stress out. At the rate we're going there're so many j-dorama with almost the same (I refuse to use the word similar) theme anyway. And this one, yes, still within the same theme. Rinko has this fear that she'll be alone by 2020 (Tokyo olympic) as if having a dude next to you will guarantee happiness, oh well, this is the essence of shoujo manga anyway. She has this ideals on what kind of dude that she wants (the typical prince charming type) that she rejected her colleague, which she nicknamed dasai-kun, 8 years ago under the premise that he's well... lame. Fastforward to the present, with 3 years down the road to Tokyo Olympic and still single, she's now worried that maybe she'll be alone forever, with the tara and reba psycho-ing her when she's drunk into this thoughts. Dasai-kun that she turned down turn out to be quite a catchy dude, and after 8 years, she actually feels that she enjoys his company. But alas, he'd moved on to another YOUNGER girl (why it always have to be younger, it's beyond me, too typical). And to make it worse, the ladies are sort of turned down in a drink to meet dudes place because the dudes choose YOUNGER girls (the 20s generation). Plus there's this blonde dude who kept poking their conscience over their drinking and ranting session (well, everybody need one, so I don't really get his issue, but anyway, this is the plot and we just let it flow as is).

Surprisingly I enjoy this drama despite the theme though I won't say this drama is J-version of Sex and the City (where's the sexy stuff? ZERO, NONE, don't misslead people please!). At the same time, I'd like to say, EDITING and PRESENTATION is important of the drama. This drama has the same concept of girls better be married to be 'happy', but it doesn't come as offensive as Totsuzen desuga Ashita Kekkonshimasu because exactly of these 2 aspects. Sure it's not the super magical drama, J-drama romcom magic has long gone by now. The way drama goes now is trying to play around with the more realistic aspect of girls have conditions to pick their dudes and it's even said that it's okay to have a loveless marriage, so long the dude doesn't go playing around (I think one of the girls in Totsuzen said this). I bet that this is a taboo in the old rabu rabu theme drama. But at the same time it shows something from the social aspect, the fear of being lonely in the society is real. Why people want to get married? Why they want to have family? There's no guarantee of happiness in marriage, you have to work the relationship and put in tons of effort to make it work as well, and it has to be 2 ways. Plus what's the guarantee that people will stick together high and low, there must be a pull factor, which in lots of cases is love.

I probably will have more things to say after I watched more episodes, for now I'd stick with this drama.
and by episode 3, I still haven't seen Nanami said 'You're find whatever you're now'. Wait, why am I still watching this after ranting so much in episode 1? Oh right, because I got nothing else to watch and I'm stressed and I need to blah my stress through something writable, and this drama gives the perfect condition for ranting, LMAO.

They finally throw in Ono x Rio line, but in a very unsignificant and nonchalant way, which is quite disappointing to me. Instead they up the scenes of Asuka and Kamiya, which is OK, understandable because second lead must have a bit more screentime, yeah? But why Kamiya is not that good looking? Or is it just my perception of good looking is the likes of shoujo manga, nevermind, still thinks not good looking enough.

I don't really understand that up till episode 3, there's still that awkwardness lingers when Asuka has that alone time with Nanami or in the regular dialogues as well. Intentional? Or just because the dialogue flow are choppy (which some part are choppy) because it's definitely not the chemistry. I like the way Nanami looks at Asuka, it's similar to the manga, and it gives you feels (try my best not to bloody compare with the way So looks at Soo, I'm just killing myself over this la). But I just can't let go the fact that they spent a night together and there's no pillow talk or whatever. I thought the government is encouraging young couples to make babies (hence those marriage propaganda), and there's a reason for Getsu9 being Getsu9 because of the rabu rabu theme, but the lack of bed scenes kind of contradict everything? WTH is wrong with you J-dorama, is this part of the passive agressive culture thing? If you don't want to show the whole bed scene but at least the afterwards scene will do, and have that bloody pillow talk. Take PRIDE for example, the bet scene is just the morning after, and have Haru kissed Aki, and that already gives so many FEELS. And there're ain't any Johnny's in this drama, so what's the apprehension? Wait until so later episode? How later? I'd expect this to happen in epi 6, if they decided to have that Nanami suddenly had to go to Hokkaido for a shoot plot, or are they going to change the whole setting? They've changed a lot so far, so won't be surprised anymore.

And to think that the next season is Aiba-chan's drama.... another weird tantei drama, Aiba-chan need some major romcom, I think he can pull it off but I dunno if Johnny's try to market his 'innocent and cute' image forever, which is no longer appropriate anymore tbh, come on, he's a man now and he looks freaking smexy sometimes (if he's not too thin).

Ahhh, I feel better now, going to have a work call soon.. time to ommmmm...
Totsuzen desu ga Ashita Kekkonshimasu Epi 1

OK, I read the manga (not all, only those that already been translated) and I like the premise because the marriage theme is not as repulsive as I thought it would be. The relationship develop nicely with the right pace while the battle of value is explained clearly (everybody has different opinion and that's fine as long as it's not shoved over to the reader's brain). But, what did FujiTV do? They butcher the whole thing and this is just the first episode! The opening is 100% looks like a propaganda with Asuka narrating people's current opinions on marriage, and hers is 'I want to get married and become a housewife'. I like Asuka in the manga because though she has that mindset of getting married and becoming a housewife as a goal, but she's not mulling over this as literally the goal, the manga makes Asuka being heartbroken on the emotional level (there's love being broken in here) so that it's compelling, while the drama emphasize Asuka getting her 'goal' crushed because of the breakup, wtf FujiTV. The most infuriating part in this first episode is they cut this phrase 'You're fine as the way you are now' supposedly said by Nanami when he comforts the heartbroken Asuka. Without this, the drama is just about 'girls find happiness by getting married', MY ASS! This is why divorce rate is high (as Nanami points out), it's not wrong to get married, but it's terribly wrong thinking you'll find happiness if you get married. SMH with you propaganda FujiTV!!! That's not what the manga trying to tell because the manga direction is more like finding compromise in between aka the characters' mindset supposed to change and get to the direction whereby you get married with the person you love (where the rabu rabu story supposed to be). I like Nishiuchi Mariya and I'm happy that she gets the Getsu9 lead role, but I'm mad at how they made Asuka character semi bimbotic here, grrrr!!! More points to rant, they made Asuka still lives in her parents house, so how they supposed to get Asuka x Nanami rabu rabu moments??? Why can't they just follow the bloody damn manga? Why it's so difficult? And! Why the make Mikami looks like a stupid comedic role? I like Sawamura Ikki, but it's time he should be playing cool supporting role, which is what Mikami should be. Next, who the hell is that 3rd girl? That's a completely not necessary extra character, just so that we have a match for Mikami? Heck, we not supposed to know anything about Mikami, he's supposed to be just the cool Nanami's guardian! And don't get me started with Ono. Are we going to get Ono x Rio line? Ono x Rio is the reversed role (and comparison) for Nanami x Asuka, if there's no Ono x Rio, then WTF are we watching? I HATE YOU FUJITV! It seems that rabu2 drama magic ends the moment Kimutaku not doing Getsu9 drama. Sigh.

Tomorrow for You Epi 3-4

FujiTV really need to learn from TVN in making romcom. I enjoy this drama much more despite SoJoon is still an asshole. Him chasing MaRin is definitely not love here --> we'll see this going into the huge hell of a mess in the next episodes, will this be more messier than Another Miss Oh's mess, and I'll have high expectation on this. This time travel thing will soon become a boomerang for SoJoon, in both love and business. I'm hoping for a happy end (if Another Miss Oh gets a happy end, I'll be damn if this one is not LOL), with tons of angst in between (SoJoon's future self telling his current self to treat MaRin right is the huge indication). The drama never escapes from the annoying characters, MaRin's mom makes me boil in anger (I fast forward her scenes), GunSook *the bitch 'friend'* needs to get laid more often by her busy husband. She didn't even come to the wedding, drama only shows the husband!!! More drama coming up as I can feel the storm is brewing.

Chief Kim Epi 1-3

Drama on accountants and accounting frauds? Oh Yes. The male lead is an asshole, the female lead is self rightous (not sure whether she'll become a liability later), the bad guy is an asshole but a smart asshole. So it's the battle of scheming strategy on how to embezzle money. Drama! I'm slightly concerned that this is KBS, they don't have a good track record in my book, but I'm willing to try because the premise is interesting and there're more shits yet to be revealed.
Tomorrow with You Epi 1-2

Whoaa, I find that TVN really lives up to their slogan: TVN - Content Trend Leader. They really beef up their drama, and I realized lots of the drama that I liked actually done by TVN (when I don't really watch it for a particular dude, ehem). After Goblin (this will remain at the top and I foresee it'll be for quite awhile), they serve us this drama, Tomorrow with You. Like lots of other people already mentioned, the theme somewhat similar to Queen Inhyeon's Man, time travel. However, beneath that theme, the content has that Another Miss Oh's feels, maybe due to the season as well (Valentine is near, so we're gearing towards the romance thingy). Episode 1 threw in lots of question marks, the mysteries, as we knew the connection from observer's point of view, but not the characters'. Episode 2 reveals that connection, both SoJoon & MaRin were the survivor of the subway incident 7 years ago. While SoJoon became a time traveller from that accident, MaRin though she was reborn and tried to live her life again. The concept alone is interesting, SoJoon's time travelling purpose & concept is completely different from Kim BoongDo's from Queen Inhyeon's Man. Then comes the girl, MaRin, the child actress who no longer in the entertainment business, but kept on living under scrutiny of online articles making fun of her, and in turn public talking about her, not in a good way. And yes, off course we have the rich dude vs poor girl thingy, but at least these days the drama kind of stretch this out a little bit, not blatantly throw this concept to the audience like their past counterparts. How this drama fare in the next episodes? I'll be following this, unless there're other interesting k-drama, I'll be only watching this one and will be forever bitter with the 'what if TVN is the one doing that harem drama?' --> damn, I'll never get out from this bottomless pit.

What about J-drama?
Well, the list is up in amara, but I'l probably only follow the below (and waiting for subs because my brain refuse to work after office hours):

Totsuzen desuga, Ashita Kekkonshimasu ~ heh, another live action. Need to read the manga then decide whether it's good enough. Again, I don't really like this theme of 'girls feels the need or want to get married'. The older I get, the more I got miffed with this concept. It's not romantic, it's more of propaganda, and hell, we don't need to get married to be happy, that's wrong!

Tokyo Tarareba Musume ~ Yoshitaka Yuriko is back! But again, the same theme 'girls + marriage.' I'm crossing finger that they don't push this button too much, else, and instead focus on the girls and their life struggles.

A Life ~ TBS, Kimutaku x Takeuchi Yuuko (PRIDE couple), medical. Watching this, whether this can exceed Karei naru Ichizoku, very very unlikely, but better than nothing at all. They try to throw in that old flame blooming, though I'm very skeptical on how they handle the ethics and morality points in the drama, most likely to be glazed over anyway and I should not be so critical when watching drama, it's not healthy, must keep the point of just watch the bloody damn thing and enjoy it, but it's difficult when they try to inject the emo k-drama feels into it when J-drama style is very different. It doesn't work in You're Beautiful J-version, hence even weirder in the more serious bigger scale drama.

Quartet ~ Matsu Takako, period.

Ubai Ai, Fuyu ~ I don't understand with J-drama. It's now either the 'girl wanting to get married' or 'the extra-marital affair'. What are these TV stations trying to get across? The romance point seems forced (anything taboo is romantic... works in anime, but in drama? It gets old, fast, especially if it's one drama after another, hell we have Saito Takumi resume full of these love affair theme drama).

Stash bucket:
Mahiru no Akuma ~ I like Tanaka Rena, but damn this one looks so gloomy :(

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