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My Arashi Drama Rating part 2


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My Arashi Drama Rating part 1

The list is purely subjective. Those are not in this list would mean I haven't watched them or I haven't finished them or I dropped them or I just don't have much or enough opinion about them.

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My J-Drama List

It's good that I was asked about Drama List because honestly I lost track of what I've watched. I just list down what I can find on my HDs and what I remembered watching. I only include what I finished, so those half way and drop are not in this list. I just mention once for those who has Season 1, 2, 3 plus SP plus movie, whichever. You can google them and it'll include the whole franchise :).

I used to watch K-drama too and I think that list is also long, but... I'm not in K-drama land anymore...
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I won't update this so often, maybe at the end of the year LOL...


The flu bug is flying around me non stop for the last 4 days :(. Having porridge as your diet is good for a day or 2, but it's getting annoying now because we don't have that many condiments here (the thought of having to go city to buy them while you're coughing and sneezing is... nope). I already did the chicken porridge, the dried scallop porridge... what else? Leek porridge? I basically run out of ideas, and the flu is still here...

Watched D.Gray-man ep. 6 & 7 and OMG, human beings are just so cruel. Kanda didn't really deserve all those painful memories and to even snoop around his memories without his permission, sobs sobs, how many episodes they plan for Kanda vs Alma battle? I don't really want Kanda to kill Alma again for the second time, it's just too heartbreaking.

And speaking of heartbreaking, W ep. 9 is equally heartbreaking, and Kang Chul's solution backfired too! The killer has too many variables, can't wait for the next ep, 1 week is just too long of a wait. Kang Chul'd better pay Yeon Joo's heartbreaking scenes with quadruple cuteness overload in near future episodes!

and nobody expresses how awesome W is better than Prof Park.


Another end of an era...

Last weekend was very eventful, we have the Gold for Singapore from swimming (a very big congrats to Joseph Schooling for his hardwork!!!), and at the same time the legendary Michael Phelps announcing his final bow with the Rio olympic, and so an era has ended. Then the next day we have another legend, SMAP, ending with disbandment by the end of 2016.

While it's kind of expected considering the how hateful that senile grandma towards SMAP, it still makes no sense to me businesswise to kill SMAP. They can be considered as mature product, but nowhere they're at the end of the product lifecycle. SMAPxSMAP is still raking the rating, the members still have CMs every now and then, their concerts is still full house, their albums/singles are still selling (despite the lack of singing, let's be real, they can't sing for their lives) --> still has more sales than V6, so why kill it? I only can see this as the senile grandma's personal vendetta and to set examples to the rest of the herds that she's still in power and it's her company and she can do whatever she wants with it, even sacrificing a marginal income. The only short term gain that we will see is probably the hike of old SMAP albums' sales, but don't think this goes 100% back to Johnny's. As for the marriage thingy, I don't find this as a reason for disbandment. Yes they may want to get married, but the fans age group is also maturing and I don't think the delluded ones make the majority of the pool, and if the management is smart enough they can prepare fans to understand them or do the proper press conference etc thing, whatever. I don't think that's impossible, unless the culture is so hypocritical to maintain the available bachelor image at all times, which kind of loss in translation when the idols are getting older. Still don't find this as a natural case of disbandment as I can imagine the whole lots of batshit office politics going on inside Johnny's.

So what does it mean by SMAP disbanding after 25 years? Other older groups are given the example that the groups' age are capped to 25? Yes they're old but they jolly well still can dance and will probably still be able to for the next 10 years. Look at Madonna, she still kicks ass despite her age. You just should not expect them to do backflips or those tough acrobatic moves. I'm worried of V6 now.

Having said that, thank you SMAP for the long running fun and glitters that you've brought for our entertainment. SMAPxSMAP skits are forever gold!!, Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana is one of the most memorable songs of all time, glorious concerts that I now will never be able to have a chance to even fantasizing of going (I hope Shingo will direct the kouhais concerts in the future), and many other fun moments. All the best for all members' future endavours. And Johnny's, since you're so shitty as a company, from now on, I'll only support V6 until the day you cut them (the money goes more to AVEX than to you), nothing more.

This is yet another sad reminder that there's no fandom that will last forever, everything will have an end someday, so enjoy it while it lasts.


W - Two Worlds Epi 5 - 6

I shouldn't have watched this when it's still on air. This is not healthy and it's painful to wait for each week for new episodes and especially when we have the possible cancellation due to Olympic. Very painful.

The OTP is so adorable. The flirting is too much for the heart (or rather, basically Kang Chul flirts with any human beings he encounters). The kissing scenes are funny or sweet. No wasted characters so far and I like the Yeon Joo and Professor Park's scenes. Hillarious and get you back to the ground from too much day dreaming.

Don't forget to throw any details out of the window. Nevermind that the rain always pours during Kang Chul's angst moments, but his hair and suit are in perfect and prestine condition. Nevermind how many handphones that Yeon Joo has lost so far 2? 3? 4?... I lost count tbh. Nevermind not washing hair very often means it's not even oily but perfectly soft and fluffy.

Prof Park, you're not the only one...
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W - Two Worlds Epi 1 - 4

Having a binge of K-drama after so many years gave me a new realization that I really like those drama which involves unrealistic aspects. Not in the sense of the dude is rich etc, but in the sense of time travel, different dimensions, super power abilities, saeguk but not those seriously historical and long ones (yeah those stuffs LOL). And I've developed a new habit of avoiding the high school theme drama, unless it's interesting to me. Most likely probably due to the so many live action in the past few years for the good or bad. Too many and it's overkilling.

Maybe this is also why I like watching Lee JunKi's saeguk drama and looking forward to Scarlett Heart Ryeo. So, this drama, W is not exception for me to tune in. 2 worlds between manhwa and reality with a good looking main character come to live. As a manga reader, this is like a dream come true, and coming from the writer of Queen InHyeon's Man, okay I'll bite.

Your face when the sad reality is slapped in front of your face XD

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D.Gray-man Hallow Ep 1

Finally, I managed to watch D.Gray-man. I kind of lost on what happened to Allen, but I don't want to re-watch all the old episodes (too many people died in this anime, same like Shingeki no Kyojin), so I know jolly well that my current heart won't be able to take it. Then come towards the end... why the hell, oh why the hell, they killed off Cross Marian? what the hell????? I hope it's just a camouflage or something, he's not actually dead... but then this is D.Gray-man, people die like nobody business in this anime, sigh...

And then why we still have that Hitler look-a-like dude? They should have just kill him instead, and I hate that dude. He endlessly makes all the main characters suffer directly or indirectly.

PS: I don't find that I miss the old voices, which surprised me as well.

PPS: after episode 4, all I can say is... whoaa, that's BRUTAL!!! Only epi 4 and so many died!! This anime really has no mercy... and don't you dare kill Kanda!! Don't you dare!!!
Another different concert experience aka something other than Johnny's. This year I vote for GACKT because... I feel that I need to watch his live at least once in my lifetime. Only went to the 2nd of July because the extension was announced only much later and AUD is really shitty now.

Last Visualive is a concept concert so the set list and performances are matched to that very theme, and I'm a sucker for concerts with concept. I'm not really familiar with the Moon Saga as a whole, and not exactly very fond of the Yoshitsune story, particularly that war scene. I find Yoshitsune story as a whole is really sad and tragic. The brothers fighting with each other and literally went to war, which Yoshitsune lost, triggered by those people who gossipped and badmouthed around. It shows how fleeting trust can be, even between family. Tackey's Takizawa Kabuki also had that same war scene, the fighting under the rain, but in here it was made based on the darker and heavier tone, plus we have the additional dark magic etc involved here. The whole concert is divided into 4 Act, the first one is the war itself with the ending note of Yoritomo ordering the kill of Yoshitsune, and then we have the dark set with GACKT sporting that 'I dunno how he can even move with that costume' costume plus that super cool mike stand. The 2nd and 3rd act is flashbacks from the first meeting between Yoshitsune and Yoritomo and also the happy times together with Yoshitsune's vassals. Then the last act is back to the 'present' of Yoshitsune's dying moment. I can't really remember clearly on the details because lots of quotations from the Moon Saga play, and they even include the shooting scene from the Moon Child movie (which I find a bit random, but somehow still fits into the whole story).

My favorites in random order will be the koto performance (it looks awesome, nevermind that the costume is so gloomy and GACKT looks like a ghost jamming a koto there), PS I love You (coz I like these kinds of songs from GACKT and I'm bias, plus GACK in white shirt is... enough said), Mai Baby!! -Wooha- (i feel that this song is built for the sake of the concert, it's one of those perfect concert song, it allows whoever sing this song to engage the audiences, which in this concert, we have the taiko DDR, and it's damn fun), same reason for Koi no Friday. Most of the songs come from Act 3 (yeah, the fun part) because I cannot really tell which song is which on Act 1, probably only Arrow and Returner (a fail fan because I've been listening to Shinhwa the past few weeks, GACKT songs was too heavy for me the past couple of weeks).

My seat was not so close but also not too far and I like to sit with the center view so it's all good. The screen is a big gigantic curtain. That red moon on the center is actually a projection which is kind of cool. I didn't know that the stage is actually in the n shape until GACKT ran around during Act 3. The center piece of the stage, which is that gigantic skeleton, was there from start to end, but you'll somewhat forget about that center piece with the help of the background screen, it did make a lot of difference, and I enjoyed it emmensely. Overall, definitely the gimmicks is no where near Johnny's standard, but it works perfectly fine with the concept and purpose. Afterall the selling point is... GACKT, the props are there to amplify his persona on stage (I literally have that impression from Act 1). And I can't compare this concert against the L'Arc en Ciel concert in Singapore a few years back either because this one has a story to tell, hence the setlist is customized to suit the concept, whereas Laruku's concert is like MS station show non stop. And speaking of stop, there's a quite long down time in between act 2 & 3, not sure why that happened. The only reason I can think of is to allow GACKT to recover because after that it's MC time.

Watching GACKT concert reminds me again what makes watching different concerts from different acts interesting to me. The way GACKT work the crowd is another feast to the hearts of fangirls (from effortlessly kawaii to effortlessly kakkoii in split second back and forward and you can't decide which one you like better) and it's amazing how he knows exactly what the fans want at every particular moments.
The fan demographic amazed me as well. We have teens all the way to oji-sans and grandmas (in gothic get up nonetheless), and we also have kids, brought by their parents with the nekomimi cheering for GACKT too.

I'm not sure whether I'll have a chance to be able to see The Last Visualive World tour next year, but I'd love to re-live the moments of awesomeness again.

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